Saturday, May 1, 2010

May day...

Well, today is May 1st and I can't believe how fast this year is already going.

Tomorrow my hubby and I will be married 2 months. Gawd I love that man so much! I have never loved anyone like I do him. And on the reverse of that, I've never had anyone love me that much before. It is truly incredible. I wish everyone could feel this kind of love. The world would be a much different place for sure.

Well, I just finished a crocheted baby afghan. It's for my son's one teacher that is adopting a baby girl from China. She gets her on Mother's Day and that is just SO awesome. She's a darling baby too!

Next week will be working in my garage. I have got to get LOTS done in there still and only 6 weeks to do it in. EGADS! But going through 23 years of stuff for 4 people isn't fun. I've gotten rid of 1/3 of it so far...

Hope you all have a great weekend everyone.

Til next time...

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