Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31st, 2010


Yes, I know it's been about 6 weeks since I posted. I got VERY ill and stayed that way for almost 6 weeks. I got some weird intestinal virus that just wreaked havoc on my system. the middle 2 weeks were the worst. I lost 12 pounds in those 2 weeks. I went to the doc at that point and she said I was badly dehydrated and my body was in starvation mode. No duh! lol So, I got put on Pedialyte and had to give some samples that if I NEVER have to do that again it will make me VERY happy!! lol All tests came back negative. I have to say that this week is the first week that I actually felt back to 'normal'.

I met with a personal trainer *Ron* and he tried to break me! hahaha Seriously he did. He told me so! I met with him for an hour a bit over a week ago. He worked EVERY single muscle in my body. The following day I could barely walk. I slept on a heating pad for my abs for 3 nights too. lol But, now I can do the workout every day. I took today off as I've decided to start taking one day off a week for recovery. I'm already seeing a difference in the definition on my legs and arms. I had lost all my weight, but now wanted to finish tighting and toning up. My hubby did some of my leg work that I've been doing and he was sore for 2 days! He said he had sympathy for me before, but had renewed sympathy now. And that he was going to start doing the leg work with his workouts too. :0)

Hubby and I are going to an AF dinner next weekend. I got to go buy a new dress (nothing fits me) and I love it! I even went down another 2 sizes from a 10 to an 8. I could have fit into a 7 pretty easily, but my chest wouldn't fit into it. LOL I'll post pics from it as they are to have a professional photog there. Hubby will be in his dress tux...Oooo lah lah! LOVE my man in uniform!

So, candy is ready...decorations are up....pumpkins carved...son in costume... I'm ALL READY for Halloween!!

Have a good one!

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