Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010

Good morning friends,

Today is a great day! It's one day closer to living in MO!! I have to get to the gym this morning as it's the last day I'll be able to do that til I get to MO. I'm so glad that Robert and I go to the same gym and that there are a couple of them close to where we live. My membership was paid for 2 yrs when I signed up and it's not done until April 2011. I would have hated to lose all that.

I get to pick my brother up from PDX at 12:15 today. I'll have to leave around 11am so that I can get there and go inside to meet him. After we get home, we'll eat some lunch and then go get the rental truck. It's only a couple of miles from our house here, so that's good.

I have just a little bit of stuff to finish packing up today. My son's Lego collection (LOTS to say the least), my bathroom and my clothes. My clothes are all sorted to what I'm taking, so I just need to box them up. We'll start packing in stuff tonight into the rental truck. Then we'll finish up tomorrow.

I'm SO excited about leaving on Saturday. I just want to get to Missouri and be with my HUSBAND!

Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. I hope that you all have a safe trip, Nancy. It must be so exciting to be finally moving to your new home and new life. Take care.