Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010

Well, today is our last day in Oregon. Only a handful of people I'll miss from here.

I'm SO ready to start a new life with my husband and family.

Today we are packing up the rental truck and getting all ready to leave early tomorrow morning. It's approx a 30 hr drive. Hoping to make it in 3 days. Please pray for us to be able to drive LOTS each day to get there. I want us to drive at least 10 hrs a day. That will still leave time to take naps during the day and to sleep in hotels at night.

Thank you everyone that has been so supportive during this last 18 months. I've been through hell and came out the other end a much wiser person. I've found my individuality again. I had lost that the last 8 yrs I was married to my ex. I've lost some good friends through it too. But that just showed me that they weren't good friends. I have definitely found out who my true friends were while going through it all. Thank you again. Some days I couldn't have made it without your friendship, kind words and advice. You all know who you are. :0)

Okay...time to get in the shower and get my buns to packing up the truck. Everyone in my house is still asleep. LOL


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